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Gwyneth on slapping RDJ

Alex’s bucket list (x)

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That might have been more.. extensive than extended..

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Welp I guess I can die happy now that I’ve seen this on my dash.

Fan: (to Robert) How do you bring Iron Man to life? I see him on the screen that he’s so arrogant and full of himself and yet you pulled me right towards you. (x)

Observe Don Cheadle’s reaction.

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#RDJ forgets who he is again


once upon a time, there was a man named tony stark. he lived a very exciting life full of caves and boxes of scraps and daddy issues! one day, he woke up in a strange bed. “this is not my beautiful house,” he said. “this is not my beautiful wife!”

“robert,” said everybody, “tony stark is a character you play in the movies.”

“oh,” said tony stark. “do i have to stop acting like him?”

“no,” said everybody.

“am i still rich?” said tony stark.

“yes,” said everybody.

“and my name is…” said tony stark.

“robert downey junior,” said everybody.

“well, alright,” said tony stark, “stranger things have happened to me, i guess. can somebody make me a smoothie?”

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i feel about jude the way sherlock feels about john.